Friday, 30 January 2015

Finding a date....

On your date....

One last satisfied look at himself and he walked out to his new Audi A6. His new date would surely be impressed. He smiled and whistled as he drove to pick her up, thinking of all the good times he had had in the last year in this new office. Tina, Meena, Niki, Polly, Seema, Priti, Samy, Liz, Neeti….. and not to forget Shalu and Mini he had dated them all and today after dating the new girl in the office, his count would be 28 or 29 in the last 16 months. Proud of his abilities, he saw his close friend and colleague Raji park his bike as his girlfriend waited for him. As he watched them, he recognized the girl – Simi from the nest office and he thought to himself,

 “Still stuck with his second date?”

He looked again towards them, still sitting in his car. They were hugging and quite comfortable with each other, undoubtedly enjoying each moment spent together. Their stance and togetherness spoke volumes of their friendship. Just then Raji saw him and greeted with a wave of hand, calling him over. Excitedly he told about his engagement with Simi and invited him for the party he was throwing for his friends next weekend. Congratulating them, our hero moved over, looking forward to meet his new date.

The beautiful girl waiting for him looked gorgeous and eager but he hardly seemed to notice. The time spent for the wonderful romantic movie and dinner also found him preoccupied…. Throughout the evening he kept comparing himself to Raji. He looked better, held a better office, had better riches and maybe a better bank balance. But he could not remember taking out the same girl for a second or a third date, let alone for a time long enough to get engaged. Sometimes he longed for companionship. But was not able to understand why all the girls suddenly became busy when he called them back after waiting for their call for over a week. All of a sudden they had family emergencies or office pressure or parents’or cousins visiting…. 

Why? Why? Why? 
What was it that made them refuse? 
Why he couldn’t follow up? 
Why he always had a new date but no repeats?
What was he lacking?

He could not find the answers….

What can be the reasons?????

Monday, 24 November 2014

Not to communicate...

Not to communicate.....

To speak or not to speak is an easy choice for most of us. But can we as easily choose whether we want to communicate or not to communicate??

I am certain all of you must have at least once, if not more, faced this situation where you have been forced to attend an event which you had no intention of attending. This could have been either because of parents' insistence, siblings, friends, colleagues, bosses or any one else who might have asked you to make your presence at an occasion. 

What did you do in such cases?
I am certain you must have pulled out  the first available dress, reached the venue, met the host, registered your presence and sat scowling for the rest of the evening, refusing to communicate pleasantly or socialise till it was a decent time to take your leave. Once out, you must have patted yourself on the back, happy that an ordeal is over.  But hey! did you actually not communicate?? Your decision to not communicate itself communicated a lot about you as a person......

 According to the dictionary meaning of the word communication, it can broadly be classified into Verbal, Vocal and Non verbal. Verbal Communication is 7% of the total communication and constitutes of words which we use to convey our intentions. It is as good as sending a text to a person and leaving it up to them to perceive its meaning. 
Vocal communication is 38% of the total and it conveys our tone of speaking, where we pause and where we lay stress while speaking. It is far more powerful than mere verbal communication. For example : A husband wanting to take his wife for dinner can simply text her " Why don't I take you out for dinner tonight?" (equivalent to 7% verbal communication)
He can call her up and convey his intentions in a more powerful way. This way he can communicate at least 7 to 8 intentions using the same words but with different pauses and emphasis.  (stress on the bold+underlined word)

Why don't I take you out for dinner tonight?

Why don't I take you out for dinner tonight?

Why don't I take you out for dinner tonight?

Why don't I take you out for dinner tonight?

Why don't I take you out for dinner tonight?

Why don't I take you out for dinner tonight?

Why don't I take you out for dinner tonight?

Why don't I take you out for dinner tonight?

This verbal and vocal communication combined makes only 45% of the total communication. The rest whooping 55% of the total communication is NON VERBAL communication and in situations where we do not get a chance to express our opinions verbally, this 55% has to be a complete 100%.......

Non verbal communication consists of your appearance as a whole including your dressing and grooming, your facial expressions and your body language. You must be wondering how you can manage and communicate positively in all situations in a non verbal atmosphere?

It has been found that human brain has a photographic memory. They remember better what they see rather than what they hear. One wrong impression and every time that person is mentioned, the wrong image will pop up. So each time you meet people, you have to make sure that you are always communicating positively non verbally and trust me , its not so difficult.

It all begins with self. A positive self image always helps. If you believe in yourself and have faith in you abilities, that confidence is reflected on your face and it glows all the time, making you look beautiful. 
Next most important thing is personal hygiene and grooming which conveys a lot about you as a person to others around you. It conveys your values and beliefs and about things which you consider important. 
After this comes your dressing and appearance for the day or the occasion. While selecting the dress for the day, always keep in mind the time of the day, occasion, the people whom you will meet and the purpose for that meeting. Your appearance should not show disregard or disrespect to the event or to the people around. Colour scheme should be complimentary to your personal colours and and the line, pattern, texture, design should have been selected after consideration to your personal style and body shape. The accessories you choose to compliment your dress should enhance its purpose and your face shape. They should be matching and complimenting your dress and your appearance as a whole. 
Now done with your appearance, your should focus on your body language and facial expressions as they play an important part in your non verbal communication. They are not like dresses which can be changed daily to suit your purpose. They are like the habits of personal hygiene and grooming which stay with you forever and improve with time and knowledge. A correct posture, straight spine , thrown back shoulders convey your confidence and complimented with correct positive facial expressions, you have won the race !!!! A natural smile alone can increase your face value by a thousand times. Natural make up for the whole day look, glamour make up for the evening and subtle make up for the day events, chosen with care, adds a complete look to your appearance.

Good luck to all dear friends for always leaving behind a very very positive impression to everyone you meet from now onwards..... :)

Monday, 1 July 2013

General Etiquette

General Etiquette 

In the fast paced life today, we are moving so fast that we are literally running to keep up and it is now when people need more and more etiquette and courtesy from those around, we realize that more and more they stand lacking in the same field….When we sit back and think, we realize that as common as courtesy might have been for us while growing up, we find it missing from the youth of today. When questioned what they think is general etiquette?, they seem to be ignorant !!

What is common courtesy to you??

I believe it starts with being polite and having loads of patience, using the three sweet magic words of “please , thank you, and sorry “ once too often, smiling cheerfully while talking to others, addressing the people with respectful and appropriate titles, wishing the elders, opening and holding the doors for others, being kind – in short being the sort of person you would like to meet always as the golden rule says to us “ do to others as you want them to do to you “.
Inside the house or outside, we need to be respectful of others around us - while in the lift, while walking down the street, while talking on phones, while sending emails etc .... All situations demand a basic knowledge of etiquette to show respect for people around us.
Once the children step out of the protective environments of the school, they are faced with the harsh reality of the real world. If they are armed with the confidence that they can handle people and situations with the best manners, would it not be wonderful for them as well as their parents?
While preparing for job interviews, the candidates can be better prepared by learning the essential skills of self presentation and body language as there shall be a board of interviewers to face.
While going out for business meetings, the executives feel hesitant as they are not sure of dining etiquette, business etiquette and and general etiquette while interacting with other senior level people.
The managers looking to enhance their skills so as to project an even better self and looking for further promotions should know that they they should dress for the role they aspire to reach one day.

These all people need to look no further.

As an image consultant, I can proudly say that I help people learn these basic skills which are always required in all the phases in life and shall always help them stand a class apart from the general public. These skills can be learnt in a day long seminar, two hour workshops or on one on one basis.If you realize the requirement for the same, please get in touch with me with your requirements at :

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Thank you 

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Spring or Summer, Autumn or Winter??

 Spring or Summer, Autumn or Winter??

Did you know that each individual has a unique and a personal color scheme of his own?? You skin tone, your hair, the color of your eyes, cheeks, lips are all unique and this combination of various colors makes you an individual…… an identity….
Your combination can make you a dark autumn, cool winter, light spring or soft summer. There can be combinations in these as well! Cool autumn, warm winter, dark spring light summer and so on till you find your true calling. 


Springs and autumns have warm skin undertones while summers and winters essentially have cool skin undertones. It is the color of your hair, eyes, lips and cheeks which help you decide the category for color in which you fall.

Summer palette has soft cool skin with blue tones, low level of contrast and generally light or blonde hair.

Autumn palette has warm, golden peachy undertones to the skin and earthy colors for eyes, low contrast but warm dark color to hair, overall deep and warm look with olive to black skin, very dark eyes and dark brown to black hair.

Spring palette has clear, golden and warm pink skin, sparkling earth and summer eye colors, and deep, dark hair with reddish undertones. They are warm but bright.

Winter color palette has very dark (black to dark brown) hair, intense dark eyes and bluish pinkish undertone to the skin. Overall high contrast and a deep look with olive to black skin, dark eyes and black-brown hair.

Whatever your personal color scheme, we help you choose the right colors for your clothing, makeup and accessories so that each time you dress up and step out of the house, you are armed with the confidence that “You are the best !!

For your queries and more information on personal color schemes, as a trained and certified Image consultant, I can help you with the right decisions.

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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Is Ignorance Actually Bliss ??

Is Ignorance Actually Bliss??

The world around us is changing and changing at a faster pace than we realize!! The importance of Image management cannot be overlooked….

There are, generally speaking, four stages where people find themselves, from blissful unawareness to conscious efforts to achieve and be the change.

At the first level, there is the group which is totally ignorant that there is a change coming their way, or that a change is required or that this change will benefit them in any manner. They are just happy leading their lives in the same manner as they have been doing for a long time and believing that their appearances do not matter. They want to continue with the same.

Second  level is for the group which is a little better and is aware that the change is on its way but here, their interest diminishes. They feel they will change with the change as and when it happens. They make no effort no know more about the change. They know that appearances matter but they cannot relate its importance to self.

Third level group is aware that the change is the demand of time and that they have to change but what and when and how are questions they find no answers to. They are lost in this busy world, wanting to change but not knowing how to go about it. These people need help in changing their first impressions and appearances. They have to be informed that help for them is at hand.

The last and the fourth group of people is the group most acceptable to change. They know that appearances matter. They know that it is extremely important that they always leave behind a positive impression in the minds of people they meet. They know that it is the requirement of time to change themselves with the fast evolving world if they want to retain their positions and even tread ahead of the rest. They are consciously making an effort to know more about it and want to be prepared with the knowledge which might be needed to stay abreast. They want to change and are willing to channelize their energies in the right direction.

Those who are at a lower level need to be helped so that they reach the level higher and then higher again and are nearer to the goal of change and success. As they rise in awareness, they become open to changes and accept them more readily. They begin to see light and become aware that appearances also need management and if they miss this wave of global change, they might be left far, far behind.

If ignorance is bliss then knowledge is power !!

What are we supposed to do?

As an Image consultant, we have to create this awareness amongst the people. Creating awareness and helping them with the management of their first impression always, be it their professional or personal lives , teaching them basics of image management and enhancing their personal styles, armed with the confidence that with knowledge comes the power of belief and self assurance that “I am the best at all times to come. “
With each successful consultation grows the belief that “Appearances do matter and first impressions can me managed easily with a little guidance and help from those excel in this field of expertise.”
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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Skin and Hair care in monsoons

The monsoons have finally arrived 

Such respite from the heat and blazing sun ....... We smile to ourselves and thank the Rain God for the relief. As we begin to enjoy, we tend to realise that this change of season demands extra care for our skin and hair as monsoon also brings with it a lot of skin infections and diseases.

Skin care

Beginning with our skin,we should keep our skin dry as much as possible and use anti fungal    
creams and talcs. We should depend on good skin tonics and keep wads of cotton soaked in the same in the refrigerator to give us instant freshness at any time.These can also be used as eye pads. To select the right face mask for this rainy season, I would suggest:

1)  Mix 3 teaspoons oatmeal with egg white and one teaspoon each of honey and lemon. You can use rose water or orange juice instead of egg whites. Apply it on the face and wash it off after half an hour. Use it twice a week.Dried and powdered lemon and orange peels can also be added to the face pack.
2)  You can opt for a fresh fruit mask wherein you use the pulp of a fresh fruit mixed with lemon juices and rose water. these are to be applied for 30 minutes and washed off . They are most refreshing during this humid weather.
a)ripe papaya and cucumber or aloe vera for anti tan
b) mango or ripe banana for dry skin
c) amla, honey and yogurt for clear skin
d) sandalwood and multani mitti for anti ageing 
e) turmeric and gram flour(besan) for skin lightening
f) Tulsi and neem for anti bacterial benefits and clear skin.
We should not forget to use sun-screen even during the monsoons as the UV rays of the sun do not hesitate to harm the skin.
Moisturising the skin at night is also very beneficial. Gentle scrubbing twice a week during monsoons helps exfoliate the dead skin. Take proper care and be skin beautiful during these rains.... :)

Hair care 

Enjoyed the rains ?? And now you sit grumpy over the dull condition of your hair ? Whether you like it or not, you will get wet hair many a timed during the monsoons. We can help you by knowing how you can protect your beautiful mane this season and look gorgeous too!! 

1) Wash your hair more often with luke warm water during the monsoons and specially so if they are oily. This keeps them free of dirt and grime .Use a natural base, mild shampoo fit for daily use.

2) Tea and lemon juice make a wonderful hair conditioner, adding shine to the hair. Just boil used tea leaves again, in enough water. Cool, strain, add the juice of a lemon. Use it as a last rinse after shampoo. Rose water too can be used with lemon for fragrant hair. Use of vinegar relieves the itch in the scalp.

3) Regular use of henna keeps the hair well conditioned and soft. Mix henna with tea water, lemon juice, egg whites and coffee powder.

4) Applying oil to the hair can be beneficial too if you wash it off in an hour or two as otherwise it attracts more dust and dirt. Its use though, keeps hair soft and frizz free during monsoons.

5) Use hair masks for home spa of hair 
    a) ripe papaya pulp and yogurt mixed together and applied for half an hour at least once a 
     week for split ends. wash it off with warm water
    b) Soak methi seeds overnight, grind them and apply for 20 - 30 minutes for hairfall and     dull hair . wash with a mild shampoo
   c) banana pulp mixed with one spoon olive oil and 3 spoons mayonnaise for extremely dull and dry hair. Wash with warm water after 30 minutes. 
  d) mango pulp and mint paste for frizz control. wash it off with warm water after 30 minutes.

6) Proper drying of hair is also very important as if the water is retained in the roots, they start smelling rotten as well as leading to itchy scalp and other hair problems.

Don't : 
Blow dry - It might cause permanent damage to your hair
Comb when wet - It might increase the hair breakage
Use brushes or thin tooth combs - they might also add to the breakage
Tie you hair too much as then water is retained which affects the hair
Use chemical products - may cause permanent damage as the rain water itself contains quite a many pollutants
Get your styled as the humidity will ruin your efforts
Wash with very hot water - Very hot water robs the hair of its moisture and makes it dry

Monday, 5 March 2012

Color Blocking

Color Blocking is the fashion of the season !! You can hear it every where and people are going ga-ga over this latest trend....
But what is this color blocking? you might ask.....
Exactly what the term suggests - blocking of colors on your dress .In this , you chose dresses which have  only solid colors in the dress which can be accessorized with neutral colors or slight variations.Try to keep the number of colors to three maximum for optimal visual treat :)

You can choose an outfit which has varied hues of the same color family or you can choose contrasting colors to complete your dress, but keep in mind to select colors of the same intensity so that the outcome does not appear imbalanced. You can consult the trusted color wheel for combinations 
The simpler the combination , the better the result and the brighter colors you select, the more in trend you appear. To tone down the effect , you should use neutral colors accessories- think black, brown, grey, beige or similar shades .

So go ahead and dont be afraid of colors.... make then your best friends this season :)
And if in doubt, get a color analysis done !!